Company Brief

       CHI-OCEAN SHIPPING LTD which was established in 2008 has a worldwide maritime professional service for management, inspection, consultation and training services. We provide professional international vessel registration service, cadet training, seafarer dispatch, and ship management for the purpose of “Integrity, pragmatic, win-win”. Our target is to solve the ship owner’s ship management and operational requirements; we strive to become a “One-stop ship management expert”. Our company’s training center is the only international seafarer training center in China, authorized by the Panama Maritime Bureau. This center have been recruiting cadets and dispatching crews from Southeast Asian countries all along.

Crew Department:

       Cadet trainingQuanzhou Normal University and Jiangsu Maritime College, the international seafarer training center in China authorized by the Panama Maritime Bureau, which recruit students graduated from maritime colleges and universities in southeast Asian countries in order to intensive their professional skill and help them with employment. Since 2016, more than 300 students, include Bangladesh Maritime Institute, graduated from our seafarer training center and was assigned to serve on board. From this, we gradually gather more and more crews by ourselves. Most of these seafarer assigned to vessel by us after completing training, have grown into the core of our fleet. At present, we have more than 400 foreign crews severed on board.
       Crew dispatch We professionally dispatch Chinese crew and the foreign crews from Bengalese, Burmese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Philippines and so on. We have cooperated with many Chinese ship owner and Taiwan ship owner such as WISDOM MARINE LINES, SHIH WEI Navigation Co., Ltd. So far, more than two thousands crew members have been dispatched, there are 400 crew members serving on around 100 worldwide vessels. In addition to the dispatch of crew, our company also cooperates with domestic well-known fishery companies, such as Hongdong International Fishery Development Co., Ltd. etc. There are more than 100 fishermen have been dispatched onboard.

Licences Department

       Ship registrationauthorized by international flag of convenience, we provide flag state ship registration, inspection and certification under Panama, Sierra Leone, Hong Kong, Palau, Marshall and other countries flags.
       We have Panamanian professional personnel and Panamanian professional lawyers to provide professional and fast services for the registration of ship registration, timely contact and communication with the government of Panama, for you to quickly solve difficult problems, so far the company registered and inspected more than 300 ships.
        Ship inspectioninspection authorization of classification society (PRS, OMCS, PSR, NASHA, IRS, MBA, MACOSNAR classification society, etc.) and certification.
        Ship ManagementChi-ocean international shipping  Itd. holds a valid DOC issued by the  Polski Rejestr Statkow, and  has  the  management team composed of several senior captain and  chief engineers, providing the most reliablea technical  suppport and information service.   The ships udder managed by our company MV. GEELY,MV.BAIHUA,MV. HONOUR,MT. QIANJIN are efficient and reliable.
        Crew licenseefficiently apply for crewman's certificate under Panama, HK, Marshall, Palau and Belize flag to be issued in our office.

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